Full-Stack Developer

About Us:

Apester is the world’s leading widgets CMS platform.

We work in small KPI oriented teams while following Agile work methods. We use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to run quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of user experience. We need you to help us grow our business and write clean and performant code for our highly scalable systems that support Apester’s over 400 million monthly users.

As an Apester fullstack engineer you will work together with product managers, designers and data engineers to solve common goals.

You will work on exciting new technologies like Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Go, React etc. with the latest best practices (e.g Progressive Web Apps).

Working with large amounts of data generated daily on our platform that helps us make critical business decisions.


  • Development of Apester core applications
  • Write scalable and performant code
  • Have impact on millions of users with every line of code you push
  • Take initiative in improving the software in small or large ways to address pain points in your own experience as a developer.
  • Keep code easy to maintain


  • Deep understanding of Javascript fundamentals
  • You can reason about software, algorithms, and performance from a high level.
  • Production-level experience with node.js
  • Self-motivated, willing to learn and try new things.
  • Good understanding of networking protocols (TCP, HTTP).
  • Experience with building user interfaces for web applications, using a modern library/framework (React, Vue, etc).
  • Profound noSQL database knowledge
  • 5+ years of web development experience


  • You love and contribute to open-source.
  • Experience writing progressive web apps
  • Love for video games


  • Languages: JS/TS, Node.js, Go, Python, Java.
  • Databases: MongoDB, BigQuery, postgreSQL
  • Platform: Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Data: Apache-Beam (Dataflow), Pubsub.
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Next.js

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