How Apester Generated Engagement for 2019 TIME 100 Most Influential People Reader’s Poll

Claire Grant

Apester has partnered with TIME for projects like their Person of the Year and TIME 100 polls for the past three years. Our interactive, visual, mobile-oriented story engine – just one of our products – allows us to power large competitions like this one.

Customize And Present Your Brand’s Stories In A Social Network Style Through Apester Story Strip

Madison Lotenschtein

Apester’s Story Strip is an online medium that automatically creates and presents the highlights of your interactive content. Now, you can customize your brand through the Story Strip Editor and automate it through the Instant Story Strip. Elements like “swipe to next story” and “automatically turn to the next slide” have been added to the Story Strip to enhance your user’s experience.

Case Study: How Apester’s Interactive Content Boosted Vodafone’s Branding Campaign

Assaf Gilad

According to a Kantar Millward Brown (WPP) research, a Vodafone campaign powered by Apester interactive content has successfully maintained high levels of brand awareness and contained high levels of new information as the campaign tagline was well communicated.

Stories for Publishers and Brands Are Now Coming Alive with Animated Layouts

Assaf Gilad

To allow your editorial and commercial stories to stand out, we now offer animated layouts for Apester Story. Use features such as fade-in and drop-down images to produce a more eye-catching experience. Instantly create it by picking your favorite layout, adding your content, and embedding your Story.

Learn More About your Audience with Apester’s Most Advanced Analytics Dashboard for a Story Player

Assaf Gilad

Apester Analytics now allows data-savvy publishers and marketers to track their content performance from the macro perspective of a content channel, all the way down to the micro level of slides – this makes Apester the most comprehensive analytics dashboard for a Story player in the market.

How Apester Generated Engagement for 2018 TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll

Assaf Gilad

For the third year in a row, Apester, the interactive storytelling platform, partnered with TIME to poll their audience for Person of the Year. TIME utilized Apester’s story format to engaged its readers, that affords a mobile optimized multiple frame gallery experience with custom made interactive buttons, such as “yes” and “no”.

Holiday Season Stickers with Apester

Daphne Resnick

The holiday season is here and we at Apester have got you covered for every event. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year, we have special stickers to fit each holiday celebration.

Introducing Apester Gallery

Assaf Gilad

Apester is excited to launch Gallery, our new format that allows publishers to present a themed series of images within content pages.

Apester powers TIME’s Person of the Year readers poll with a unique story format

Assaf Gilad

Apester, the visual interactive storytelling platform, partners with TIME for the third consecutive year to poll their readers as a part of the TIME’s Person of the Year project. This is the second time that TIME polls its readers using the Apester story format allowing a mobile optimized multiple slide gallery experience with custom made interactive buttons.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Apester Holiday Stickers

Daphne Resnick

Thanksgiving stickers are now available! When creating your next Thanksgiving story, engage your audience with sticker elements.