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Apester is changing the digital storytelling experience by empowering its readers to take a more active role in the content they consume

It’s “Storytelling 2.0"

Which Superhero would you like to have a beer with?

Clark Kent, Journalist

The Avengers, All for one!

Transformers, Go Team!

Bruce Wayne, Billionaire

This is the VoicR–
A personal interaction unit embedded inside
digital news stories,
articles, and videos

Enhance Your Storytelling
with VoicRs

Engage with your readers on a whole new level!
Use VoicRs to make your users a part of the story, elevate your content to new highs of engagement and virality!

small-interaction-3 (1)
Get to know your audience's preferences

The Personality VoicR achieves an avg. CTR of 50% and 400% more content shares

Empower your readers voice

The Poll VoicR takes seconds to create, reaches 20% CTR and improves shareability by 40%

Keep viewers hooked

The video VoicR increases completion rates up to 100%

Take a moment to test
your readers

Learn your audiences' knowledge while boosting shareability up to 100%

Send your readers
on a journey

With Apester’s unique user-sentiment based algorithm, the VoicR’s you publish send your users from one page to another, increasing PV’s in a native and engaging way

The Apester Network
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