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Britons Least Trusting Of Social Media? Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know Since Mid-2018!

Claire Grant

A poll conducted by Trusted Reviews and powered by Apester, has created invaluable data about the public’s views towards Facebook. A new survey ratifies the findings, exposing the power of participatory media as a prime source of audience and customer intelligence.

Creating a Content Strategy To Get The Most Out Of Your Playlist

Avi Latner

Adopting Playlist is the way to go, from occasionally using Apester on a few articles to having Apester on every page. It makes the difference between manually embedding interactive content units on your site, and automatically and contextually placing your entire interactive content suite on your site, at scale. Here are some tips on making your content as engaging as possible with the Playlist.

Case Study: How Apester’s Interactive Content Boosted Vodafone’s Branding Campaign

Assaf Gilad

According to a Kantar Millward Brown (WPP) research, a Vodafone campaign powered by Apester interactive content has successfully maintained high levels of brand awareness and contained high levels of new information as the campaign tagline was well communicated.

Stories for Publishers and Brands Are Now Coming Alive with Animated Layouts

Assaf Gilad

To allow your editorial and commercial stories to stand out, we now offer animated layouts for Apester Story. Use features such as fade-in and drop-down images to produce a more eye-catching experience. Instantly create it by picking your favorite layout, adding your content, and embedding your Story.