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New from Apester: Animated Layouts for Stories

Assaf Gilad

To allow your editorial and commercial stories to stand out, we now offer animated layouts for Apester Story. Use features such as fade-in and drop-down images to produce a more eye-catching experience. Instantly create it by picking your favorite layout, adding your content, and embedding your Story.

How Apester Generated Engagement for 2018 TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll

Assaf Gilad

For the third year in a row, Apester, the interactive storytelling platform, partnered with TIME to poll their audience for Person of the Year. TIME utilized Apester’s story format to engaged its readers, that affords a mobile optimized multiple frame gallery experience with custom made interactive buttons, such as “yes” and “no”.

Top 5 Apester Christmas Stories

Daphne Resnick

Christmas is here and we at Apester collected our chosen Top 5 Apester Christmas Stories. We’ve got you covered with thrifty tech gift ideas, original ways to decorate your Christmas tree, holiday specials you shouldn’t miss out on this year, and more.

Our Top 5 Apester Tech Stories

Daphne Resnick

This is an article for all you tech savvies out there. We at Apester curated the top 5 Apester Tech Stories, designed on our platform and published in major media outlets such as Trusted Reviews and Tech Advisor.