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How Apester Generated Engagement for 2019 TIME 100 Most Influential People Reader’s Poll

Claire Grant

Apester has partnered with TIME for projects like their Person of the Year and TIME 100 polls for the past three years. Our interactive, visual, mobile-oriented story engine – just one of our products – allows us to power large competitions like this one.

Research Shows That Interactive Content Leads To Increased Time On Site

Madison Lotenschtein

After quarter four of 2018,  Apester collected data from all 1,500 publishers and brands we partner with, and found that through us, publications were able to increase their reader’s time on site by 70%. As apart of the first scale research done on interactive content, Apester found a correlation between the effects of interactive content and time spent on site. 

Driving Leads With Apester’s Engaging Content

Madison Lotenschtein

From taking a poll to win a lottery, to swiping up to a landing page, or adding a newsletter registration to your site, Apester helped four brands generate leads by engaging audiences with interactive content. Apester is a content engagement platform that creates multimedia elements that helps brands share their narrative, drive conversions, derive audience data and enables lead generation.  

Customize And Present Your Brand’s Stories In A Social Network Style Through Apester Story Strip

Madison Lotenschtein

Apester’s Story Strip is an online medium that automatically creates and presents the highlights of your interactive content. Now, you can customize your brand through the Story Strip Editor and automate it through the Instant Story Strip. Elements like “swipe to next story” and “automatically turn to the next slide” have been added to the Story Strip to enhance your user’s experience.