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Generate leads with Apester Story

Assaf Gilad

Your lead generation form is now coming to life! With Apester, take your form into the age of interactivity by reframing it as a Story, today’s fastest growing media player, and engage the visual generation with a mobile-first vertical experience.

Let’s Discuss Data Over Coffee

Evelyn Chapman

Americans have a complicated relationship with Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Read all about it in Food & Wine’s coverage of Apester’s data, derived by engaging with thousands of readers across its network of publishers.

Schroders engaged customers around behavioral biases with Apester

Assaf Gilad

British investment management firm Schroders partnered with Apester to educate their audiences around behavioral biases. The polls created by Apester for Schroders were promoted across Apester’s network of premium publishers.

Nielsen: Apester’s creatives have significantly outperformed all other creatives and formats in a back to school campaign 

Assaf Gilad

Apester partnered with a large US based retail brand and Vast Media on a large scale, multi-layered Back to School/College campaign using native interactive content to establish the brand as the practical and inexpensive one-stop shop for parents of young children, and college students alike.