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Our Mission

Apester is an interactive experience platform that allows publishers, brands, and creators to engage and understand customers across digital media channels, driving lead generation, brand uplift, conversions, and sales. Its code-free tech allows any user to create audience-pleasing experiences in minutes – from web stories to videos to surveys – and distribute them across multiple digital media channels.

Apester’s DMP integrations also enable the privacy-compliant collection and storage of zero-party and first-party engagement data generated from its experiences and applications.

Apester operates from New York, London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv and is trusted by publishers around the world including ESI Media, Reedpop, NME Networks, GoFeminin, Trusted Reviews, RTL Interactive, Global Gaming, and Kicker.

  • The Team

    Shaping the way content is consumed is no easy task, it's our dedicated team who work behind the scenes to make it all happen.

  • Adam Gerber

    Senior Ad Operations Manager , Tel Aviv

  • Amit Epstein

    Senior Product Manager , Tel Aviv

  • Cyrus Kargar

    Managing Director , Germany

  • Daniel Amar

    Head Of Data , Tel Aviv

  • Deby Borosky

    UX/UI Senior Designer , Tel Aviv

  • Gal Dayagi

    Full Stack Team Lead , Tel Aviv

  • Katya Groisman

    Development Team Lead, Tel Aviv

  • Omri Hadani

    Technical support specialist, Tel Aviv

  • Reut Bar

    Director of Customer Success, Tel Aviv

  • Sapir Rost

    Full stack Developer, Tel Aviv

  • Shanee Aharoni

    Sales & Marketing Manager, Tel Aviv

  • Ilya Dashkovsky

    Data Analyst, Tel Aviv

  • Fanny Mitelman

    Customer Success Manager, Tel Aviv

  • Andrey Yatskov

    Full Stack Developer, Ukraine

  • Oleksandr Golovatyi

    Javascript Developer, Ukraine

  • Oran Matityahou

    Head of Video & Programmatic Business, Tel Aviv

  • Ido Amran

    VP of Advertising Solutions at Apester, Tel Aviv

  • Emma Pogoriler

    Head of Accounting, Tel Aviv

  • Amir Bar

    Head of Finance, Tel Aviv

  • Li Besor

    VP People, Tel Aviv

  • Itay Gissin

    CEO, Tel Aviv

  • Martin Rosenzweig

    Senior Data Engineer, Tel Aviv

  • Gilad Ben Dov

    Head of Sales and Business Development, Tel Aviv

  • Anya Libova

    Managing Director, United Kingdom

  • Eddie Tapero

    Employee Experience Specialist, Tel Aviv

  • Eyal Melamed

    Vice President Of Product, Tel Aviv

  • Lior Beilinson

    Marketing Designer, Tel Aviv

  • Haya Levi

    Bookkeeper, Tel Aviv

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