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Apester is a platform that provides free online storytelling tools, engaging your users in the narratives they read.

The rise in mobile adoption and social media have fundamentally altered the way we consume content. Today’s content must be visual, interactive and concise, available across multiple platforms, and accessible on demand. This is the new generation of storytelling.

Apester Creation Tools

Apester is leading the paradigm shift in digital content, from the text-based web to the post-text, visual-first internet, by offering anyone with a story the most advanced tools for creating, distributing and monetizing visual, interactive content online.


Give your readers an easily digestible content experience they know and love. Tell your story in a compact and concise way using a variety of visual tools.
The Memorable Moments of
Use this template to highlight memorable moments from new events, sports games, tournaments, awards ceremonies, fashion shows or concerts, using a variety of dynamic video
9 minutes
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A quick and easy way to gather your audience’s opinions, thoughts and views on a topic. It takes less than a minute to create a poll that can add value to your storytelling.
Entertainment Report Card
Take a TV show or a movie and have your audience rate them based on categories, just like the Oscars!
3 minutes
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Test your audience's’ knowledge in an engaging, shareable and interactive way.
Did they tweet that?
Test how well fans know their favorite players using tweets.
3 minutes
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Interactive Video

This highly shareable and engaging engine enables you to add an interactive video layer to any regular poll/quiz or personality test. We find readers are more likely to reach the end of a video when there are questions throughout.
Did they tweet that?
Test how well fans know their favorite players using tweets.
3 minutes
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Countdown Poll

After voting closes a Countdown Poll will automatically switch to showing the results. Ideal when you want to keep interim results to yourself and end with a big announcement.
3 minutes
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Personality Test

Find out your spirit animal, Game of Thrones persona, or next holiday destination with an interactive and highly shareable personality test, based on the subjective answers of your readers.
Which product is right for you?
With so many different options, how can your audience decide which tech product is right for them? Use this template to find out!
3 minutes
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Apester products

With Apester’s interactive media, publishers and brands enjoy a variety of storytelling tools seamlessly integrated into the experience, contextual distribution capabilities, and advanced native and programmatic monetization opportunities.