Creating a Content Strategy To Get The Most Out Of Your Playlist

Avi Latner

Adopting Playlist is the way to go, from occasionally using Apester on a few articles to having Apester on every page. It makes the difference between manually embedding interactive content units on your site, and automatically and contextually placing your entire interactive content suite on your site, at scale. Here are some tips on making your content as engaging as possible with the Playlist.

Webinar: How to Create an Apester Story

Claire Grant

Join associate content producer at Apester Claire Grant, for an in depth look at how to create engaging stories within minutes for editorial use, and embed them into the content.

5 Design Tips for Your Next Apester Story

Daphne Resnick

We put together 5 design tips to give you a hand in your next creating session. These design pointers will help in taking your Apester Story to the next level, engaging with more readers and making sure your content stands out.