Nielsen: Apester’s creatives have significantly outperformed all other creatives and formats in a back to school campaign 

The What

Apester partnered with a large US based retail brand and Vast Media on a large scale, multi-layered Back to School/College campaign using native interactive content to establish the brand as the practical and inexpensive one-stop shop for parents of young children, and college students alike.

The Challenge

To simultaneously support a nationwide campaign for an A-List brand and deliver effective messaging to two different audiences with a series of interactive content pieces embedded across  various publications – all while managing the expectations of, and relationships with, the publishers and agencies.

The Campaign

Apester’s content team and creative studio developed and created two series of native, interactive quizzes and polls to deliver the agency’s campaign brief’s main messages.

Designed with Apester Quiz

Both series –  one for the parents of young schoolgoers, the other for college students – delivered a similar message but through the use of varying text and design, addressed different audiences, providing them with tailored offerings and products.

In both cases, the native, multi-slide interactive quizzes and polls that were developed, designed, and crafted by Apester – were published contextually across hundreds of articles on Apester’s premium publishing partners network, including household names such as TIME Magazine, AOL, Huffington Post, Money Magazine, and more.

For example, a quiz helping a parent to save money on back to school expenses was embedded in multiple home-economics articles on Money Magazine from mid-July 2016 to early-September. 

The campaign had a second-phase, starting late-August, aimed at last-minute tips and suggestions for the target audiences.

Designed with Apester Personality Test

As always with Apester, all interactive units provided premium user-experience and professional design, on completely mobile-first, millennial-friendly, social-optimized embed-everywhere widget. Being contextually within the right editorial content – they have generated unparalleled results.

The Results

The Back-to-School/College campaign for Summer 2016 provided incredible results on two levels.

  1. It directly engaged hundreds of thousands of users who experienced the entire piece of interactive content from start to finish. These were users who willingly elected to quit their passive stance of scrolling through an article and “lean-forward” in order to embark on a brief journey that led them to bespoke content – despite the piece having clearly been brought to them by a well-known advertiser.
  2. According to a “Brand Uplift” study done by Nielsen for the entire, nationwide, BTS/BTC campaign, the Apester creatives and execution found to have significantly outperformed all other creatives and formats of the brand’s national campaign, including video. This helps to prove Apester’s creatives lead in key brand metrics around “driving home brand attributes” like purchase intent, value and quality perceptions and more.


Designed with Apester Quiz

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