How Enriching Data Management Platforms Can Drive Value to Publishers

You’d struggle to find a digital marketer or publisher that doesn’t proclaim to be data-driven. The quality of the data, though, is the key. To be fair, it’s hard not to drown in data and sort out the relevant from the irrelevant. This is where a data management platform (DMP) comes in.  DMPs are software […]

Best Practices for Publisher Website Monetization

Producing quality content requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. Building an audience for it even more. But after achieving that, publishers face another big challenge: monetizing their websites. This is the fine art of understanding your audience and leveraging their trust to make your publishing profitable and therefore sustainable and scalable.  In this […]

How to Prepare for the Rising Importance of Zero-Party and First-Party Data

Earth to marketers: third-party data is dying. Tightening GDPR and privacy regulations in the EU and the USA, alongside browser changes, means your data is not open for sale to anyone willing to pay. Could our personal information not be tech-giant property after all? The bad news is marketers have less access to quick, available […]

Six Ways to Increase Your Average Time on Page Today

When was the last time you took a moment to think about your proposition value? Why should users choose you as a source of information and stick around to read your content? Even if business is excellent and you’re killing it, it’s good to think about how to stay ahead of the game.  One fundamental […]