How Enriching Data Management Platforms Can Drive Value to Publishers

You’d struggle to find a digital marketer or publisher that doesn’t proclaim to be data-driven. The quality of the data, though, is the key. To be fair, it’s hard not to drown in data and sort out the relevant from the irrelevant. This is where a data management platform (DMP) comes in. 

DMPs are software tools that collect and arrange data from different sources into customer profiles. The data is then used to integrate those profiles into DSPs, SSPs, and ad exchanges. 

All of these are good enough reasons for publishers to make a DMP their best friend. As such, you want to provide them with what they need to succeed. In a post-cookie world, this means collecting and enriching them with as much zero and first-party data as possible about your audience. 

Here are five ways in which your DMP will reward you for enriching it:

1. Organization

This is the first and most important thing to focus on. Data gets to and from so many sources, so having one platform processing and organizing it is a cornerstone for your decision-making processes. Now that you are using a DMP and have that sorted, you can leverage the opportunity to collect more data. By embedding Apester’s technology, you enhance data collection from answers to quizzes, polls, and surveys. More data to manage? That’s not for you to worry about. Apester’s API integrates directly with your DMP and CDP, ensuring all the data is stored and organized alongside the data from other sources.

2. Segmentation 

After collecting the data, the DMP can create detailed profiles of customers sorted by demography, behavior, interests and preference, and more. The last two are where Apester’s units especially come in handy. Think about a user journey beginning in an email from which they click on an article where they reply to a preference poll on an Apester unit. Voilà. You already know much more about the user than you did before: where they came to your site, the actions they took on it, and their preference. 

3. Increasing inventory value

So, now you have:

  • Data from multiple sources based on high user engagement
  • Accurate customer profiles

The direct result of that is an ad inventory that is of higher value for advertisers. A clear picture of your audience, their preference, and their behavior is valuable currency in the supply-demand trade.

4. Retargeting

Alongside your ad inventory, a DMP enriched with engagement-driven zero and first-party data allows you to manage your campaigns better. Remember the user responding to a poll coming from a CRM campaign? The next time they visit your site, and in the email you send them, your communication will be much more tailored to what they want. This is both good for their user experience and effective for your marketing efforts. 

5. Revenue

With data coming from high user engagement, organized, segmented, and efficiently laid out, you have all the tools you need to generate revenue. Your campaigns will be smarter and your ad inventory more attractive. The triangle of the publisher, engaging units, and a DMP is complete and ready to take your publishing business to the next level. 

If you don’t know how and when to start, you can talk to an Apester expert who’ll guide you through enriching your DMP segments tailored to your vertical. 

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