Generate leads with Apester Story

Your lead generation form is now coming to life! With Apester, take your form into the age of interactivity by reframing it as a Story, today’s fastest growing media player, and engage the visual generation with a mobile-first vertical experience.

Derive leads with higher levels of intention, consideration, and awareness by engaging your audience with a poll, showing them a short video, or telling them a narrative, before asking for their details.

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Reach the end of this Apester Story to see the in-content lead generation form

Easily create a form with Apester Story creator in minutes, enhance it with your branding, share it across your channels, and instantly integrate into your CMS, CRM, and marketing automation platforms.

With Apester’s Lead-gen forms for Story, you can:

  • Foster newsletter subscription.
  • Encourage download of gated content or apps.
  • Invite your audience into a sweepstake.
  • Promote a loyalty subscription.

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Now available to all Apester’s plans.

Start now your 14-day free trial or request a demo.

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