Apester powers TIME’s Person of the Year readers poll with a unique story format

Daphne Resnick

Apester, the visual interactive storytelling platform, partners with TIME for the third consecutive year to poll their readers as a part of the TIME’s Person of the Year project. This is the second time that TIME polls its readers using the Apester story format allowing a mobile optimized multiple slide gallery experience with custom made interactive buttons.

Top 5 Apester Brexit Polls & Quizzes

Daphne Resnick

See how you can use Apester’s platform to cover political issues while engaging audiences with these top 5 Brexit Polls & Quizzes.

On-Demand Mobility Company Gett Partners with Apester to Engage with Passengers on the Go

Assaf Gilad

Gett, the global on-demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods, and services, has partnered with interactive content platform Apester in order to engage passengers on-the-go with World Cup themed content.

WorldSoccer and Apester’s Poll Predicted: England’s Run will be Terminated at the Quarter Final

Ethan Szlezinger

According to a poll run by WorldSoccer on Apester’s Playlist before the World Cup’s debut, 43% of users said that England’s run would be terminated at the quarter final.