Customize And Present Your Brand’s Stories In A Social Network Style Through Apester Story Strip

Madison Lotenschtein

Story Strip Editor

There are countless ways to tell a story. You can now tell stories through Apester’s Story Strip, an online storytelling platform that creates a sequence of highlights and recommended stories for readers in an easy and interactive way. The Story Strip brings an experience they are already familiar with from social networks.

We know that every publication has a different look and feel, and with the new editor, you can customize your Story Strip to match your branding, increasing content engagement with a fresh digital perspective for your readers. You can customize your Story according to its size, shape, outline, text, background color, platform, and locate it on your homepage, section page, above or in the middle of articles.

Give your users a digestible narrative and appealing recommendation experience that keeps them engaged for a longer time on your site with Story Strip Editor.  

Apester’s Story Strip

Instant Story Strip

With the new Instant Story Strip feature, you can create several stories in an instant. Once you embed an Apester header code, the Instant Story Strip knows which articles are trending on your site and automatically creates stories for those articles.

Story is today’s fastest growing content medium, and the Instant Story Strip enables your site to look and act more like a social media platform, appealing to the visual generation without the hassle of constantly maintaining story creation.

Contact us to add the Story Strip to your site, or add it directly from your Apester account.

Apester’s Story Strip embedded in

It’s not about disrespecting the written word but more about enhancing its ability to capture audiences online, creating a higher circulation between articles and a higher level of engagement on your site. The Instant Story Strip not only increases your circulation, but also includes the option for growth of revenue by weaving ads into your Stories.

Apester’s Story Strip Editor

New: Apester Story Features

Today, we are launching two features that will enhance Apester’s Story feature and give readers a smoother experience : Swipe to next story and Automatically turn to next slide.

Swipe to next story

The Apester story strip  helps extend reader’s time on your website, and increases the pages clicked per visit. It is a carousel of your site’s live Apester, and is based on Apester’s story format, the foundation of our online storytelling platform. With the new mobile update, readers can simply swipe to the next story within the story strip, instead of grumbling through a story uninteresting to them, or quitting their experience entirely. This allows us to give consumers the same experience as to those from social networks.

To further increase your experience, Apester’s team of developers and designers contrived a one second transition between stories. Now, readers can have a smooth content consumption experience while discovering the latest stories and trends through their favored publications.

Automatically turn to the next slide

To enhance the value of the Apester story strip, our team added an automatic timer of seven seconds to each story slide. By pressing your thumb on your mobile phone screen, or clicking on your desktop, the timer will pause at your convenience. This setting gives the audience the authorization to control the amount of time they consume content, which can increase slide views and engagement on your website.

Contact us to add the Story Strip to your site, or add it directly from your Apester account.