Introducing the Apester Story: The First Story Media Player that Allows Anyone to Create Stories Anywhere

Introducing the Apester Story: The First Story Media Player that Allows Anyone to Create Stories Anywhere

Story Unchained!

Appeal to new audiences. Build compelling visual stories into your articles.

New York, February 8 – Apester, the visual interactive storytelling platform, launches Apester Story – a novel way to tell vivid stories and make any webpage pop. Apester Story releases a Story experience that branches out past social networks; dispersing it over limitless content sites. With Apester Story, editors, writers, and designers can mix their text-and-image articles with interactive content to create compelling stories, distribute them contextually, and effectively monetize them.


Apester Story allows content creators to easily produce multi-slide stories, fusing in text, videos, images, GIFs, and emojis using a drag-n-drop editor and a dazzling selection of interactive layouts. The new product entails endless ways to tell a story and can be used to create beautiful lists, galleries, highlights, timelines, and much more. 

Apester is also the first content platform to bring interaction into the Story experience. Story allows creators to add polls and quizzes into their stories to increase audience engagement or blend in original emojis to trigger reactions. Soon, content creators will be allowed to produce their own set of emojis, thus empowering a more creative and interactive way of storytelling.

The Apester Story has been launched at a time where Facebook is cutting the amount of news that users see on their news feed. Now, publishers can adopt the story to increase users’ engagement and improve social sharing. Apester interactive content units have proved to dramatically increase time on site up to 60%, increase social activity up to 400%, and perform high rates of CTR (15%) and tremendously high completion rate (94%).

Publishers will enjoy additional tools, allowing them to contextually distribute their stories through Apester Playlist, a recommendation engine that places personalized and relevant Apester content in each article to generate more value through an endless feed. In addition, Apester monetization tools offer advanced programmatic and native opportunities.

The  Apester Story is also a great tool for advertisers to create beautiful branded stories, extending their social content and ad campaigns, and diversifying their audience reach within the open web across premium publishers.

“We believe that in the long term, creators will choose Story as their main way of storytelling, appealing to generations of users that consume their content primarily on mobile, and expect a visually compelling interface,” said Moti Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Apester. “We will keep exploring new forms to visualize the web, making content better served, distributed and monetized”.

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About Apester

Apester empowers brands, publishers, and content creators worldwide to create, contextually distribute, and monetize visual interactive content experiences that everyone will love. Its mobile platform allows content creators to transform text-heavy content into visually engaging and easily shareable content with a simple-to-use editor. In addition, Apester creates exclusive content tailored for selected publishers. Apester interactive content units increase time on site by up to 40% and social interaction by up to 400%.

Having launched in 2014 in NYC with R&D offices in Tel Aviv and operations in London and Berlin, Apester is reaching more than 500 million consumers monthly across 1,500 premium publishing partners including: Time Inc., PMC, CNN, BBC, USA Today, Fox Sports, AOL, Time Inc. UK, IBTimes,  Virgin UK, The Telegraph, The Independent, IDG Germany & UK, London Evening Standard,, FC Barcelona, and Bundesliga.

Apester is backed by investors such as Mangrove Capital, Blumberg Capital, Wellborn Ventures, and a group of seasoned private investors that founded some of the greatest internet success stories, such as (NASDAQ:WIX), 5min (acquired by AOL), and Oberon Media (acquired by iWin).

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