New from Apester: Export your Apester Story to Instagram and Snapchat

Start using the familiar social media story-designing experience combined with the simplicity of Apester’s signature drag-and-drop editor today

We’re thrilled to launch Apester Story’s new export button, which allows users to upload an Apester story to their stories on social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The new feature from Apester is a great opportunity for editors, reporters, or any content creators that embed their own Apester Stories on their sites to also share them on their social media accounts.

Since Apester is the only platform that allows content creators to produce a story with a drag and drop, easy to use editor, this new feature also gives anyone the opportunity to easily and quickly create Instagram and Snapchat stories with a professional look-and-feel. The launch of the button celebrates a free, easy way to set your stories apart from everyone else’s without dependency on a designer.

Create social media stories with Apester editor’s unique value proposition and features:

  • Drag ‘n drop text, images, and emojis into the canvas
  • Use dazzling interactive layouts or create your own unique Story
  • Create beautiful lists, galleries, highlights… and much more!
  • Put images together on the same slide
  • Use a variety of fonts on the same slide
  • Create a story format from your desktop using a simple, intuitive story creator  

Apester Story is an innovative format on multiple levels: it’s the first drag-and-drop editor for story creation, it’s the first self-serving monetization platform for stories, and it’s the first story media player for the open web. In short, Apester Story is the only format that provides online publishers or brands with control over how they engage with their audience on their platforms.

Where can I see the export button?

First, create a story unit, and publish it

Scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see the export tab option

Check out the story export tutorial video,

or learn how to create an Apester Story

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