Britons Least Trusting Of Social Media? Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know Since Mid-2018!

Claire Grant

In an article from May 3rd, The Guardian detailed the results of a YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project survey, which revealed that Britons are the least trusting of social media as a news source. Their survey found that only 12% of Britons trust the news they see on Facebook and Twitter. The survey also found that Britons trust social media less than the other countries surveyed.

News? Well, not quite.

Almost a year ago, Apester came to the same conclusion via a project we ran with our partner Trusted Reviews. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we ran 8 polls across their site asking questions to gauge reader’s impression of Facebook and collected 96K votes. 



Overall, British voters had a more negative opinion of Facebook than voters from other countries:

  • When asked whether Mark Zuckerbeg is a business mogul or a nice man, 62.2% of British voters chose business mogul compared to 55.7% of voters outside of Britain.
  • Also, 45.9% of British voters agreed that Facebook has brought more bad than good into the world.
  • Only 21.2% of Americans felt the same way.

Our project took the question a step further by asking readers whether they had considered deleting their Facebook accounts after the scandal.

  • According to our poll, 68% of users considered deleting their accounts.


Have a look at the project, summarized with an Apester Story:



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