The Perfect Blend
of Engagement &

Easily harness highly-effective interactive experiences to engage directly with your customers, while collecting zero-party and first-party data seamlessly and organically.

Reinvent your
shopping experience
with actionable data

Differentiate your
brand with engaging
interactive experiences

Engage with your prospects or customers across all digital platforms and devices.

Apester helps publishers segment their best readers from the one-and-doners.

Apester Platform provides interactive experiences that engage users, collect data, drive subscriptions and create a new inventory to monetize.
Solutions - Apester

Turn static content to dynamic experiences

Solutions - Apester

Collect zero-party and first-party data and own your audience

Create ready-made playlists to collect zero-party and first-party data and connect to ANY DMP - the NEW & CREATIVE way to know your audience and gather valuable insights & improve programmatic RPM.

Solutions - Apester

Capture more emails and subscribers without abusing your audience

With Apester's innovative and personalized digital engines, your customized experiences will be noticed and shared like never before, leading to a higher reach and an increased number of subscribers.

Solutions - Apester

Get more engagement across all your different consumer marketing streams

Engage your audience, reach new subscribers, and start generating revenue quickly and easily. Increase engagement metrics such as time on site, reduce bounce rates and retain return users.

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Create new revenue streams

Integrate interactive experiences as part of your existing content, fueled with unique high-impact demand. Generate new incremental monetization opportunities while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Visual navigation and promotion feed (Story feed)

Increase shoppers’ clarity, focus and speed to help them find what they really need.

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Boost conversions with our interactive abandonment formats

Reduce abandonment rate and recapture customers with our ready-made interactive experiences.

Solutions - Apester

Collect customers sentiment with Zero-Party and First-Party data

Enrich your customer data platform and CRM with meaningful and actionable data. Use it to better segment your audience, simplify navigation, identify leaks and more.

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Interactive product pages that boost engagement

Let users actively participate in product guides, walkthroughs, and more, to improve consideration to intent rate.

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Build and grow your organic channels

Our interactive lead gen formats act as a major value exchange between users, who appreciate the experience, and willingly give their personal information.

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Optimize every step of the funnel

Create interactive experiences and automated feedback together with meaningful context on your customers’ behavior. Awareness to conversion - we got you covered.

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Get to know your prospects a lot better

Collect zero-party and first-party data to better listen to your audience, and use real-time data to adapt to their constantly changing needs.

Solutions - Apester

Easily connect to thousands of applications using our native API

Extend the power of Apester by integrating with your existing tools, and work seamlessly between different applications.


Research Shows That Interactive Content Leads To Increased Time On Site

Create better engagement with Apester