Driving Leads With Apester’s Engaging Content

Driving Leads With Apester’s Engaging Content

Lead generation has risen rapidly in demand as brands and publishers begin to recognize the importance of strengthening their connection with audiences. In the past, publishers and brands leaned on their social channels, but failed to connect with audiences. To give a direct connection with their users, brands have started email marketing campaigns while publishers send out newsletters and/or email editions of their content. We at Apester found that content engagement elevates lead generation, and have proved it by partnering with a few international brands. Our average is 6X the industry standard increase in lead generation. Take for instance this feedback & lead generation interactive unit located in a financial blog post: 

Major European Football League

The what: Apester has partnered with one of the top European football leagues and a leading sports brand to allow fans to vote for their league’s dream team.

The challenge: Increase engagement with audience, mobilize international audience into the European brand, and generate new leads.

The Campaign: By utilizing Apester’s Story format, the league built a mobile optimized multiple frame gallery experience with custom made interactive buttons, such as “yes” and “skip” for each player. A novel vertical format, Story is the today’s most growing media format popularized by social networks.

The results: 

  • More than 650,000 fans have made their decision and voted in the poll
  • 20% of visitors continued on to a lead generation landing page right after completing the poll through a swipe up experience, a rate similar to Instagram’s performance. Having engaged with the poll, more visitors were willing to fill in their details

International Dairy Brand

The What: An  international dairy brand launched a new pudding, hoping to create awareness around the new product. 

The challenge: Drive as many leads as possible for the launch of the new dairy product

The campaign: Company published a poll across publication’s websites, encouraging people to join a plane ticket lottery with an interactive poll that was  themed around vacation and travel, under the tagline: “how far will you go to taste our new product?”


    • 30% of users who started the poll disclosed their email 
    • Engagement had an overall 224,00 impressions 
    • 9% of users started the engagement, with 80% of users completing their poll experience

Lottery company

The what: A lottery company wanted to promote its automation service that allows customers to send more lottery tickets based on their personal preferences, and for a lower price using group bidding. 

The challenge: Increase conversion rate, turning more prospects and visitors into leads.

The campaign: Through an Apester poll, the company asked its users how lucky they have been throughout their life. The poll included a lead generation form, among other forms. 


  • Poll ended with a CTR of 6% and a conversion rate of 0.4%
  • Of the 25,031 engagements, 110 of those generated into leads 
  • Created 440,015 impressions within 1 month 

Tier-1 UK tech publisher

The what: Apester partnered with an online retail service and one of the most prominent technology review publication sites in the UK that specializes in reviewing electronics, audio, phones and visual equipment. 

The challenge: Create a new approach to power prestigious annual awards that builds data while collecting subscriptions in an effective way.

The campaign: By applying Apester’s Playlist format to their articles, the partnership was able to reach a wide-range audience with minimal editorial involvement. Through Apester Polls, the campaign engaged audiences through multiple questions, ultimately growing their subscription base. 


  • Poll had a CTR of 1.6%  with 22% of participants completing all five questions, resulting in an effective lead generation, with 4,000 voters disclosing their emails 
  • 27,000 users engaged worldwide, which was 7,000 more users than their target number
  • 1,672 voters opted into the newsletter and 1,021 more shared their details to get special offers from an online retail service  

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