Top 5 Apester Brexit Polls & Quizzes

Daphne Resnick

After months of negotiation, the EU and UK have come up with a draft withdrawal agreement. The EU summit planned for Sunday to agree on a final version of the Brexit plan is bringing a heated discussion across the UK with many arrows being thrown towards UK Prime Minister, Theresa May who is in favour of the plan.

These Apester polls & quizzes published in major media outlets such as The Independent and The Telegraph, present political questions regarding the Brexit, allowing readers to convey their opinion about the latest news and see how fellow citizens voted.

See how you can use Apester’s platform to cover political issues while engaging audiences with these top 5 Brexit units.

The Independent

Who said it? This Apester quiz published in The Independent tests your Brexit knowledge with a collection of public figure quotes for you to guess who said what.

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Polish Express

See how an EU country reports on the Brexit with this Apester poll published in Polish Express, an online magazine for the Polish community living in the UK.

“What do you think will happen with the pound rate on Brexit’s day?” 1. Increase 2. Decrease 3. It will remain the same

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The Telegraph 

Share your opinion in this Apester poll published in The Telegraph.

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Shropshire Star

See how readers voted on this Apester Poll published in Shropshire Star.

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The Canary

What will be the future of Theresa May? Convey your opinion in this Apester poll published in The Canary, a left-wing news website based in the UK.

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