Schroders engaged customers around behavioral biases with Apester

British investment management firm Schroders partnered with Apester to educate their audiences around behavioral biases. The polls created by Apester for Schroders were promoted across Apester’s network of premium publishers, including Business Insider:

Designed with Apester Poll

By asking the audience questions regarding what influences their financial decisions, Schroders gained important insight into their customers and leads, particularly when it came to their risk taking and general optimism.

Apester allows brands to enrich their customer data by placing highly stimulating widgets, such as polls, quizzes and social network-like ‘Stories’, across their domains as a way to engage readers. Psychographic data, or data concerning audiences’ opinions, tastes and preferences, is critical to better understand customers’ needs, improve messaging, segment audiences, and increase retargeting and lead generation conversion rate. 

In addition to Schroders, Apester has partnered with various financial brands, such as Chase, UBS, and Natwest. Other customers include Virgin, ITV, AFL, and a top European football league.

Apester is currently the only content engagement solution for marketers that grew out of publishing; facilitating storytelling for some of the best storytellers, including TIME, NBC Universal, Rolling Stone, Variety and TV Insider. 

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