Stories for Publishers and Brands Are Now Coming Alive with Animated Layouts

Vertical stories are today’s fastest growing medium in storytelling, transforming a disappearing interpersonal experience into a long-lasting format for commercial and editorial use.

To allow your editorial and commercial stories to stand out, we now offer animated layouts for Apester Story. Use features such as fade-in and drop-down images to produce a more eye-catching experience. Instantly create it by picking your favorite layout, adding your content, and embedding the Story on your site.

Choose a layout according to the storytelling form of your choice:

• Present titles, text boxes, and images in a lively and engaging manner.

• Unfold the timeline of a breaking news event.

• Have celebrities, team captains, or politicians go head to head in a grand Celebrity Feud.

• Present the key statistics one needs to know about an athlete, politician, or CEO.

Create a player stats card or summarize a breaking news event with the same layout

To check out Animated Layouts, watch the tutorial, or create a new story, and follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Story
  2. Sign into your Apester account
  3. Create a cover slide
  4. Add a slide
  5. Go to ‘Layouts’
  6. Choose ‘Animated’ from the top menu to find a selection of layouts
  7. In the same way, you can also add animated layouts to cover slides

Apester Story  –The ultimate story media player for the open web

Apester Story is the first story format that is open to everyone regardless of what platform they are using. Apester is the first to allow news reporters, editors and marketers to seamlessly embed stories onto their web pages to bring their readers familiar experiences inspired by social network innovation. Users can also export the Stories to Instagram & Snapchat, and monetize them with premium video and display inventory.

More than 1.5 billion people worldwide are using the story format across platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp, mostly for personal communication; however, the Apester Story creator can produce various storytelling forms, such as image-based editorial news and sponsored stories, or galleries of images, tweets, and videos.

Apester’s story format is already in use by various publishers and brands around the world, such as Rolling Stone, Variety, TV Line, The Independent, London Evening Standard, Macworld, and RTL.

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