Promote The Stories On Your Site With The Story Strip For Publishers

Stories are the one of the most exciting formats available, and whenever people access them, they do so through a “strip” at the top of their chosen app. Now you can have the same experience for your site. Apester, the interactive storytelling platform, is thrilled to launch the Story Strip for publishers, a new way to makes the stories on your site more accessible and visible, with a familiar experience popularized by social networks.


Story Strip is a carousel of your site’s live Stories. It’s a great way to have your readers view your content by, simply clicking on one of the icons, and enjoying an Apester Story come alive on their mobile.

Our Story format  brings the experience users know and love in Snapchat and Instagram into a format publishers can add to their articles. And now, the Strip is the innovative experience publishers can use to display Stories on their own sites. Using Apester to create Stories takes minutes, with a drag-and-drop desktop editing tool, a range of integrations, such as YouTube and Giphy, and customisable elements such as emoji, stickers, polls and quizzes.

The Story format as a multi-slide form of content enables easy monetization opportunities for publishers, as well as driving engagement and time on site.

The strip is a part of Apester’s distribution toolbox that gives publishers and creators  the power to promote their content across their properties in an automatic, contextual, and scalable way.

About the Strip:

  1. Familiar and Compelling: Integrates  visual, appealing experience, taken from social networks,  into your own brands.
  2. Commercial Values: Systematic distribution of the Story format increases your readers’ value, page views, dwell time on site, and social share rate.
  3. Native: the Story Strip has a natural look and feel on your website or app, seamlessly blended within the content.
  4. Embed it anywhere on your property: a strip is responsive enough to be used on every article, section page or homepage.

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