Our Top 5 Apester Tech Stories

This is an article for all you tech savvies out there. We at Apester curated the top 5 Apester Tech Stories, designed on our platform and published in major media outlets such as Trusted Reviews and Tech Advisor.

The stories include recommendations for the best wireless headphones on the market, facts you didn’t know about Androids and a Xiaomi Trivia to test how much of a tech monster you truly are.

Apester’s unique Story editor allows online publishers and brands to leverage the Story format and tell an editorial story while monetizing it, an offering unmatched by social networks.

Tech Advisor

Wondering which wireless headphones you should get your partner for Christmas? This Apester Story published in Tech Advisor brings you the 5 best wireless headphones on the market.


Is it the death of 3D touch? Check out this Apester Story published in Macworld about the latest on the iPhone features possible demise.

Designed with Apester Story

Trusted Review

Here’s a smartwatch guide for you to help you out on your next purchase. Check out this interactive Apester Story published in Trusted Reviews.

Designed with Apester Story

Tech Advisor

Xiaomi has become one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers. See if you are up to date with this interactive Xiaomi Trivia Apester Quiz published in Tech Advisor.

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Trusted Reviews

Discover some mind-blowing facts about Android in this well designed Apester Story published in Trusted Reviews.

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