How AFL used Apester to generate thousands of leads and create an attractive digital experience

The Australian Football League (AFL) Proves that ‘Simple is Better’
with Lead-generation. Gathering tens of thousands of new leads with a simple flow and engaging content.

Executive Summary

AFL, the Australian Football League, aims to gather new leads, embed simple lead-gen flows onto their website, and see impressive results with Apester’s innovative and creative digital interactive experiences.

About the Client

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the only professional men’s Australian football competition league and is responsible for controlling the game’s laws. It was founded in 1896 and currently consists of 18 teams spread over five of Australia’s six states.

The Challenge

Gather and track data and feedback quickly and effortlessly. Our innovative AI-powered platform generates more data throughout the entire engagement content funnel, enabling you to fine-tune interactive experiences, listen to your audience from start to finish, analyze data in real-time, and remarket with relevant content.

The Solution

With Apester’s easy-to-use, innovative, and attractive digital experiences, the AFL started seeing incredible results and lots of leads. They collected many votes and client preferences, created debate and discussion panels, and polled their audience using the simple flow system while avoiding long processes that others require.

Apester’s interactive widgets are easy to create and edit, making it accessible for any editor to join the creation process. Driving higher percentages of engagement than any other solution on the market, it was a perfect correlation between AFL’s needs and the Apester solution.

And the formula worked great:
Interactive Widget + Simple Flow = Lots of Leads

Let the stats from AFL’s campaign do all the talking:

Let the stats from AFL’s campaign do all the talking:

Why Apester?

For the AFL, simplicity won them over. From the ability to effortlessly embed experiences directly onto their website to the look and feel of the digital experiences suiting them, the AFL was very pleased with the outcome of their Apester collaboration.

Because some of their units remain LIVE for a long period of time, Apester’s interactive audience engagement platform was a great fit for appealing to the visual generation without troubling the audience with tedious processes.

The meaningful data they pulled from their lead-gen campaign made a huge impact – boosting engagement rates and increasing completed leads.

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