How Apester is Helping Publishers Prepare for the Post-Cookie World

A profound and abrupt shift is coming for everyone who uses the internet.
By 2022, regulations designed to protect consumer privacy—particularly the California Consumer Privacy Act—and major technology companies will require users’ explicit permission to share and use data generated from digital interactions.

This has raised privacy concerns and set companies on a quest to find better, more privacy-conscious ways to gather and share consumer data.

Now, more than ever, marketers and publishers need a solution that will simultaneously bridge the identity gap and deliver meaningful revenue while honoring privacy preferences and maintaining a relevant consumer experience. A more fundamental challenge is the sustainability of the “free web” that consumers have become accustomed to, with potential to severely impact publisher monetisation.

About the Client

ESI Media is home to iconic media brands, the Independent and The Evening Standard, and growing broadcast platform London Live. Digital solutions are at the heart of what they do.
The Independent’s award-winning editorial content attracts over 22 million UK unique browsers each month, making it twice the size of any other digital pureplay news provider. Globally, the title regularly attracts over 100 million visitors. is the voice of London on the global stage, reaching 10.7 million unique visitors each month – an important digital platform, reaching key in uencers who set trends nationally and globally.

The Challenges

ESI Media Group has a valuable audience of 18 to 44-year-olds that is highly sought after by advertisers. However, they realized they could do more to capture, analyze, and activate this audience to drive incremental revenue. There were several limiting factors with its existing approach.

First, they weren’t maximizing the data collection on their audience and re-targeting it. With a high proportion of tra c coming from social and mobile, the publisher could not target users quickly enough with their existing solution.

Second, audience segmentation was limited. Previously, ESI Media built segments based on URL keywords, a time-consuming and often inflexible strategy when creatively building audience segments and optimizing campaigns based on the types of users who were engaging with a campaign. As a result, most inventory was only sold to advertisers using contextual targeting.

ESI Media’s goals were to become more proactive with advertisers and monetize the valuable audiences they knew they had, which sparked their search for a Data Management Platform (DMP).

The Solution

ESI Media turned to Apester’s digital experience platform to help them increase organic engagement, monetize their audience, and get ready for the post-cookie advertising world utilizing their proactive strategy.

ESI Media created a highly engaging, interactive survey, Holidays after COVID-19, to open a dialog with their audience while gathering valuable 1st and zero-party insights and collecting personal preferences.

Imputing their collected interactive widget data into the DMP allowed them to build audience segments and quickly re-target using declared data – an important tool to understand a client’s purchase intent and brand a liation.

Apester’s full-blown suite encompassed all the interactive tools they needed to meet their goals and more!

The Results

By implementing the tools that Apester’s digital engagement engines generate to collect 1st party data, ESI media has been successful in achieving the following results:

The Results

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