How Apester is Breaking Traditional Banking Molds with Cutting-Edge Digital Experiences

How Apester is Breaking Traditional Banking Molds with Cutting-Edge Digital Experiences

Driving engagements, segmenting, and personalizing to target audience demographics and increase brand awareness using an innovative, AI-powered platform.

Executive Summary

One of the US’s top digital native banks, aspires to boost newly opened account conversions, acquire more data about their audience, segment target demographics, and increase their brand presence by using Apester’s innovative and interactive digital experience platform.

About the Client

With no physical branches and DNA opposite traditional banks, our client, provides fee-free financial services through a mobile app. Their mission is to provide financial peace of mind for their customers.

The Challenge

As strictly a mobile app financial service, they must employ online methods to attract new customers and increase brand awareness using multiple channels. In a world with millions of brands screaming loudly, they need to stand out and make their voice heard. Competing against traditional banking methods, they were searching for new and inventive ways to approach potential clients via social media, ads, and other creative online channels.

The client had four primary goals in mind:

  1. Boost newly opened account conversions
  2. Acquire more data about their audience
  3. Segment target demographic
  4. Increase brand awareness

The Solution

Approaching Apester to help slove these challenges, the client began seeing significant increases due to Apester’s AI technology-based digital experience platform. The platform’s experience engines are specifically built for today’s digital landscape – exactly what they were looking for. Empowering their brand to generate more leads at a lower cost per lead through automation, personalization, and targeting tools, the intuitive platform began driving engagement and conversions while boosting retention. Apester focused on three multi-faceted campaigns for the bank: New Accounts, Segmentation, and Newsletter Signups, with the client’s original goals in mind.

The Solution

Why Apester?

For this digital bank, choosing Apester was a no-brainer. Apester is the ultimate interactive digital experience platform for the visual generation, their explicit target audience.

The avant-garde content which Apester’s intelligent engines use was also extremely appealing to the client. Using stories, quizzes, polls, personality tests, and videos allowed them to acquire meaningful data about their audience in innovative and creative ways. They were able to increase their brand awareness using non-traditional marketing tools – aligning perfectly with their brand.

Apester’s smart client segmentation and goal-setting options optimized experiences and offering for each audience to determine and achieve the right KPIs for the client’s target demographic.

Lastly, the real-time big data processing and curation made a lasting impact, boosting conversion rates and increasing the number of new accounts opened.

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