How Apester generated 300 leads in just a few days, for Classic Holidays, an Australian Holiday Club

Classic Holidays, an Australian Holiday Club brand, on a journey to get closer to their members: Do you really know your customers? Probably not.
Here’s how we did it.

Main challenge: Collect 1st party member data and sentiment

Having thousands of customers is fantastic and crucial for any brand, it’s what it’s all about. But how can you gather more meaningful and timely customer data, to increase member engagement, loyalty and value?Knowing more about your customers, by better pro ling their interests, purchase patterns and behavior enables you to better service their needs and increase revenue.

In the current uncertain and competitive environment, how will you upsell or retain these customers? How can you grow your brand or reach out with relevant o ers or prevent churn? And how in the world do you get all that all-important 1st parity data you need?!

That is the main challenge presented to us by a major partner, the Australian Holiday Club brand, Classic Holidays.

We were excited to take this challenge on as our platform is at its best when brands use smart, inventive and engaging content to collect 1st party data, consumer insight, segment audiences and prepare their next retargeting campaign.

In the current uncertain and competitive environment, how will you upsell or retain these customers? How can you grow your brand or reach out with relevant o ers or prevent churn? And how in the world do you get all that all-important 1st parity data you need?!

Secondary challenges: Enhance members’ user experience

Our client de ned a set of secondary goals and we set out to add a new dimension and create a better user experience across all digital assets, focusing on:
  • Audience education and engagement
  • Lead collection
  • Creating circulation, boosting Time on Page and other KPIs
  • Generating social shares
  • Identifying potential clients
Secondary challenges: Enhance members’ user experience
Apester Story strip on Classic Holidays homepage

What we did: Our data and content capabilities rise to the challenge

Cue Apester’s content and data tools. Apester is located on a simple-to-grasp yet highly e ective crossroads. We’re just there, where content street meets data avenue.

Apester’s advanced content tools and comprehensive data analytics capabilities allow any brand to engage, educate and entertain members, add an interactive dimension to the experience and produce data sets to set up future marketing endeavors.

All this in a month? Yes indeed.

Within a period of one month we helped Classic Holidays segment audiences for future retargeting, gain critical consumer insight into their members psyche, preferences and future plans, and add a new dimension to their digital assets. We did it by taking the following actions:

  • API Integration between Apester and Classic Holidays:
    Thanks to a new feature we developed our algorithms are able to align member id with the way they responded to Apester polls and quizzes. This allows our client to ask important, strategic questions, bolster their data sets and boost overall performance.
  • Member focused email campaign:
    An email campaign was sent out to members inviting them to weigh in on the future of tourism in the COVID-19 age. Classic Holidays used our ability to embed Google/Facebook pixels on speci¬c answers, thereby segmenting their member audience into persona buckets, ready for retargeting in future campaigns.
All this in a month? Yes indeed.


Classic Holidays now know which of their members are looking for a couples’ retreat, who is keen to get out there and holiday again, what kind of safety measures they prefer and much more.

Five Apester units were sent out via email, with strategic data collection polls and packaged as engaging, inviting content using social media like formats like the Story. 12 Google and Facebook tags were embedded on strategic questions. This helps the brand segment their audience into buckets for future retargeting marketing campaigns.

We saw a spike in engagement compared to previous email campaigns and recorded 76% engagement rate and 61% completion rate, hundreds of shares and votes cast, which translate into 1st party data, data-driven insight and heightened performance.

  • Lead generation:
    Although not the main focus or challenge, Classic Holidays used Apester’s in-experience lead generation feature in this Story (see lead generation slide below)…

    Our client was able to collect over 300 leads in just a few days. No doubt, the combination of engaging content and marketing is an effective way to understand more about your audience, identify potential clients, or set up focused audience buckets that can save you money on future campaigns, simply because you’ll have a more relevant target audience.


  • Adding a new dimension to user experience:
    Apester is a great tool for data collection and segmentation but let’s not forget Apester’s advanced content capabilities. We can help any brand bolster their content presence with engaging, awesome-looking content that moves potential clients down the funnel, including the beloved Story. Classic Holidays even used Apester to showcase the range of experiences on offer to members throughout their network of club resorts.
  • The Apester story strip
    This unique tool, straight out of the social media landscape, allows you to adopt the social media vibe users love so much and import it into your digital assets – site, landing page, newsletter and more. Similarly, to Classic Holidays you can use our Story Strip to promote fresh, trending or relevant content, boost circulation using a swipe up feature, and bring a modern look & feel to your existing assets.
Accumulated results within 30 days


Getting to know thousands of registered members is an ongoing challenge, of course. Building data sets for thousands of members takes time, patience and persistence.

But we have now laid strong foundations to solve Classic Holidays’ next marketing challenge and over time attend to the major pains that might prevent them from further growing the brand.

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