Case Study: How Apester’s Interactive Content Boosted Vodafone’s Branding Campaign

According to a Kantar Millward Brown (WPP) research, a Vodafone campaign powered by Apester interactive content has successfully maintained high levels of brand awareness and contained high levels of new information as the campaign tagline was well communicated.

The Vodafone’s Perfect Gift Interactive Advert


Brand Awareness

With the goal of driving awareness of finding the perfect Vodafone gift, the Apester user-centric campaign showed increases in overall brand awareness measures, outperforming UK forced exposure norms. Improving salience like this is key to driving brand consideration at point of purchase.

Customer Profiling

The campaign performed especially well amongst female audiences and those who are looking to spend 50-250 GBP, with both functional and emotional brand attributes seeing a significant increase across the board. This was largely due to the conversational tone of the ad and its focus on emotional relationships.

Brand Perceptions

Perception increases were likely linked to the interactive nature of the creative. The ease of the interactive, multiple- choice quiz was also noted as ‘a good way of narrowing down options that may have been a little overwhelming’, highlighting how this possibly helped the overall brand perception of simplicity.

Message Association

Messaging for ‘perfect present’ ad was largely conveyed implicitly through the focus on providing Christmas gifts tailored to different individuals such as friends or family members. There was an 8X increase in message associate in “perfect present”.

The Vodafone “Small Business Hacks” Interactive Advert


Brand Awareness and Consideration

The campaign successfully maintained high levels of awareness in a non-intrusive way, showing potential to strengthen top-of-mind salience. Salience is one of the biggest factors in influencing consideration at the decision-making stage.

Implicit Delivery of Brand Messages

A majority of the key brand messages were shown implicitly through the questions in the poll.

New Information

The creative contained high levels of new information as the campaign tagline was well-communicated, and the visual design of this frame was actively engaging.

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