Trusted Reviews Surveyed its Audience with Apester’s Interactive Content and Playlist to Reach a Massive Audience for iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 Coverage

We are thrilled to tell you about our new partnership with Trusted Reviews, one of the leading tech media outlet in the UK, where we came together to poll its readers about their opinions and expectations of the new iPhone XS and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. Through this partnership, Trusted Reviews was able to learn more about its readers, and also gain some data driven insights that have eventually became the center of several editorial pieces.

Trusted Reviews, part of TI Media, is a website that gives consumers insight into the latest electronics through the use of expert product reviews. Using Apester’s Playlist feature, it has launched nine unique polls in order to collect consumers’ impressions on the anticipated Galaxy Note device which was due to launch a few weeks later.  These nine polls engaged almost 104,000 people last summer, and produced data driven insights with high editorial value.

44% of the readers said the new Note was “way overpriced,” after seeing the price tag of £869, 68% said that long-lasting battery would be the most expected feature, and 33% of people were not at all interested in the launch of the phone.

Out of 13,626 readers polled about the new iPhone XS, only 35.36% chose Face ID over Touch ID. Apester polls also provided geo-data, allowing Trusted Reviews to take note of voting trends within a certain country or area. The results were consistent across different countries such as U.S, UK, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world. Only in France did users show a strong tendency for Face ID (80%) over Touch ID.

How did Apester manage to reach such a massive audience? Trusted Reviews embedded Apester’s Playlist code to match its content units with relevant articles by using contextual matching techniques. Apester’s playlist feature determines the relevance of an interactive content unit to an article, and if relevant, automatically places the unit within the article, across the entire website.

Apester is already engaging close to 500M monthly unique users across 1,500 publishers, including Meredith, IDG Group, TI-Media, Penske Media, Virgin, ITV, and RTL. Publishers create their own interactive content using Apester’s platform, embed them natively into their articles, and monetize them using Apester’s unique inventory of video and display ads.

Apester’s partnership with Trusted Reviews produced a unique opportunity to leverage reader
insight into special editorial projects.

Evan Kypreos, Editor-in-chief of Trusted Reviews said of the partnership: “Apester has allowed us to truly understand the wants and needs of our readership which has helped us shape editorial. In addition it has lead to the creation of unique articles supported by the opinion of thousands of consumers.”

 Partnering with Apester on both editorial and commercial levels, Trusted Reviews enjoyed a panoply of benefits:

  • Editorial Creative: Apester’s studio crafted original polls around many editorial aspects of the new smartphones.
  • Massive Distribution: Using Apester’s Playlist, Trusted Reviews could automatically and contextually match relevant Galaxy Note 9 polls to readers at scale and engage with more than 117,000 readers.
  • Data and audience insights: Using data analysis gathered by Apester, Trusted Reviews could gain insights about their audience’s preferences, tastes, and orientation
  • Editorial value: These insights weren’t solely viewable by Trusted Reviews. They were published as an editorial project around the most anticipated launch – a great way to leverage audience polling and engagement for editorial purposes.
  • Commercial value: Apester’s native content also generated revenues using its premium ad roll inventory, seamlessly blended into the interactive content.

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